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Mead still in carboy over 9 months

Hi guys, I have a gallon honey...
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Braggot question.

I am planning on making a braggot. I have 3...
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Using Clarity Ferm for classic mead

Good afternoon, lads. I'm a brewer, and recently started...
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I May Have Blown It - pH Way Too High

I started my first batch of 2014 mead (my 16th...
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How does a hydrometer measure honey the same as sugars?

Hello. I am wondering that since honey is sweeter...
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Humans have taken advantage of the metabolism in a tiny fungus called yeast to create beer and wine

Yeast Fermentation and the Making of Beer and Wine

By: Luisa Alba-Lois, Ph.D.  & Claudia Segal-Kischinevzky, M.Sc. (Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) © 2010 Nature Education  Citation: Alba-Lois, L. & Segal-Kischinevzky, C. (2010) Beer & Wine Makers. Nature Education 3(9):17
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Hey, Honey

Hey, Honey Thanks to a swarm of innovators, there’s a new buzz surrounding mead. Story by Joshua M. BernsteinPhotos by Séan Alonzo Harris & Marvin Shaouni Imbibe Magazine Michael Fairbrother was never sweet on his career. As an engineer and later vice president and chief operating officer of software companies, the New Hampshire native’s day job was a drag. His heart lay in homebrewing, though he was hardly monogamous with barley. Since his introduction to cyser—a mead made with apple cider and honey—at a homebrew-club meeting in 1995, Fairbrother has been infatuated with making mead, one of mankind’s oldest alcoholic...
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Mead Making Short Course at the Robert Mondavi Institute, UC...

The Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute, UC Davis, is in the planning stages of its first Mead Making Short Course. The event, to be held Thursday, February 6 – Saturday afternoon, February 8th, is the first of its kind in the country. Mead, the oldest alcoholic beverage known to the world, is a fermented blend of pure honey and water. Often fruits and spices are added producing a dry, semi-sweet, sweet or even sparkling mead.  This golden libation of the Norse  gods, a staple throughout the Middle Ages,  is experiencing a rapid renaissance here in the...
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