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I maky stuff

So really not sure what I am doing, but I...
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Any one use glass marbles to take up the space...
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Clearing/filtering peach melomel.

I have a small issue with my peAch melomel. I...
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Slow Fermentation?

Here's my recipe... Oak-Aged Dark Maple Cyser approx....
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Fruit color preservation

So I have a batch going that taste great so...
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Sur lie, spice and Meadmaking

Thoughts on lees exposure and meadmaking from a question about lees exposure in a methyglin with lots of cinnamon in the GotMead.Com Forums Lees exposure can yield a wonderful mead if you know how to do it right. Honey matched with the right supporting ingredients, fermentation management, bulk aging and lees exposure can yield something divine. But, if you don’t know the basic recipe and haven’t ever managed a sur lie batch, you could be in for a world of hurt! One of the terrifying things lees exposure evokes is that it can vastly magnify flaws over time: improperly sanitized...
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Oak and Mead

Oak and Mead   If George Washington made mead, he’d have chopped down an Oak Tree!   Throughout history, humanity has been fermenting just about anything we can get our opposable-thumbed mitts on for everything from the frenetic Dionysian rites in ancient Greece to a Saturday night Toga Party in the OC. Along the way we have used many different types of storage vessels to protect and age our prized meads, beers and wines along with a ubiquitous host of other alcoholic beverages. Somewhere, sometime, we decided to put mead into oak barrels, and since then no one has looked...
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Reviewing Mead - Standards for Posting Reviews on GotMead.Com

The best thing you can do when you encounter good or bad mead ANYWHERE is to point it out to whoever is selling it. Then make a note of the meadery name and tell them, then post it up here in the Commercial Mead Review section. That being said, I don't mean for you to be a raging jerk about it if the mead is bad, or be overly generous if the mead is good. However there needs to be a constructive way to communicate this in a concise, specific, accurate and non-offensive manner. With that in mind its time that we outlinine the...
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