Mead: The New Revolution in Recreational Beverages

Learn about mead. Get the history, and the 411 on the current explosion of mead in the craft beverage industry, worldwide!

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Learn to Make Mead from U.C. Davis Enology Staff

You love to make mead. You’d like to make it even better. Maybe you find fermentation management a bit puzzling, or just want to figure out how to get good mead every time. Is this you? Then you *need* to attend this class. The Robert Mondavi Institute and the... read more

Sur lie, spice and Meadmaking

Thoughts on lees exposure and meadmaking from a question about lees exposure in a methyglin with lots of cinnamon in the GotMead.Com Forums Lees exposure can yield a wonderful mead if you know how to do it right. Honey matched with the right supporting ingredients,... read more

Oak and Mead

Oak and Mead   If George Washington made mead, he’d have chopped down an Oak Tree!   Throughout history, humanity has been fermenting just about anything we can get our opposable-thumbed mitts on for everything from the frenetic Dionysian rites in ancient... read more

Mead Making Handbook – Internet Edition – 1998

Author:  Jace Crouch of the Brewer’s Guild This Mead Making Handbook was prepared by Jace Crouch of the Brewer’s Guild. It is designed to spread the word about Mead-making, and to guide both neophyte and more experienced brewers through the Mead-Making process. This... read more

Honey Varietals

There are dozens of honey varietals. This list is a work in progress. If you have a varietal that I’ve missed, drop me a line at and let me know! If you have a photo of the honey or the plant it is a varietal of, that would be great too! If... read more

Mead in History

A Barrel of Very Good Mead

A Barrel of Very Good Mead from:The True Amazons: or, the Monarchy of Bees by Joseph Warder of Croyden, Physician (1765) "One hundred and twenty pounds will make a Barrel of very good Mead: But if you make it of clear Honey, then your best way is to allow four... read more

Recipe to make mead – 1730

From:Geheym der Wynen ontdektofKunst om alle Blaauwe, Rosse, Lange Verwaaydeen andere onzuyvere Wynen, binnen korten tyd,zonder mangel schoon te maaken. Printed by Reynier van Kessel,in ‘s GraavenHaag1730 RECEPTOm MEE te maaken Neemt 90. stoop Regenwater, en 10.... read more

Some Notes About Honey – 1669

submitted by Cindy Renfrow In these quotes from 16th-17th c. English sources, you will see that the best honey was allowed to drip out of the combs. After whatever dripped of its own accord was collected, the rest was pressed out. The combs were then washed in water... read more

Caledonia Spirits and Winery – Making the Honey Work!

In the wild lands of the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, one beekeeper has created a honey-scented place in the spirits world. In 2008, Todd Hardie established Caledonia Spirits & Winery, producers of hand-crafted spirits including a vodka distilled from honey wine... read more

Dr. Meniru gaining a reputation as Dr. Drink

In medical circles, Dr. Godwin Meniru is a respected gynecologist and obstetrician. In wine circles, Meniru is an esteemed vintner with an international reputation for his honey wine, called mead. With Meniru’s most recent adventures, it looks like the regarded... read more

Schramm’s Mead – the debut approaches!!

We’ve been telling Ken for years that he needs to open a meadery, if only so the rest of us will be able to get Heart of Darkness (what? You don’t know what that is? Dude, it is *phenomenal* mead!) outside of the Mazer Cup awards ceremony. And now he’s going pro (at least officially – he’s always been a pro to us!). So those of you in the Detwa area and surrounding Michigan towns will soon have not one, but 2 meaderies in Ferndale to get mead. I only hope that I’ll be able to sweet-talk Ken into saving me a bottle or 2 so I can hopefully get up to Michigan this summer to visit family and swing through to visit and pick up some mead before it sells out.

read more

GotMead Live!

Episode 10 – Ben & Becky Starr – Starrlight Meadery

September 8, 2015 – Episode 10 Tonights guests are Ben and Becky Starr, owners of Starrlight Meadery in Pittsboro, NC. Ben and Becky turned a win for Best in Show at the International Mead Festival in 2006 with their Cyser into their full-time job, and just this...

Episode 9 – Allen & Tysen – the Meadmkers

September 1, 2015 – Episode 9 This episode we will break from our usual approach, because GotMead Live is having a party!! Allen and Tysen, the Meadmkrs, will will with us, and we’ll be drinking mead and talking mead, and who knows what will happen, or who...

Episode 8 – Susan Ruud – Prairie Rose Meadery

August 25, 2015 – Episode 8 Tonight on Gotmead Live we are chatting with Susan Ruud, owner of Prairie Rose Meadery in Fargo, ND. Susan has been in the homebrewing and meadmaking scene for a long time, and was involved with the AHA and GABF for years. I met her...

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