View Full Version : semi-dry show mead (trader joes mesquite honey) need help

06-06-2006, 10:34 PM
i started a semi-dry show mead on 2/26/06
5 gallon batch
13 1/2 lbs trader joes mesquite honey
wyeast 3632 liquid smack pak
1 1/4 tsp forma k
2 2/3 gallons water

og 1.102

racked to secondary 4/20/04
gravity 1.015

the mead has not cleared and there is no activity in the airlock. i should have waited longer but i put some sparkloid in it will be two weeks on sunday so i need to rack.
heres the questions
should i bottled or just rack off the sparkloid?
the mead is clear tastes young and yeasty but nice
do you think theres anything else i might want to do to this mead?
and after talking to a freind he said sparkloid removes flavor is this true?