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06-10-2006, 01:43 PM
Short time reader, first time poser.

I did the good ol' fashion JAO in a 3 gal batch, turned out great. Had to keep cleaning out the airlock though, as foam kept getting in there.

Now I am doing an alternate, using 12 oz / gallon olloliberries, as seen with same ratio as with blueberry shift. Well, it foams up like made, the gunk from the berries rises with it. The end of the airlock gets clogged, and POP it goes flying off. Just happened again, got a good three feet away from the carboy. I used 3 tsp of the yeast suggested. I was thinking of removing some of the mead and putting it back in when the major foaming is done, giving it more space to bubble and hopefully keep it from glogging and getting contaminated due to lack of lock.


EDIT: I started this about 24 hours ago, and just now took out 2 champange bottles worth from the 3 gallon carboy. Still would like to know if there were any other methods.

Muirghein Tarot
06-10-2006, 02:39 PM
Take a couple of feet of food grade plastic hose, put one end in the stopper the other end into a small bucket set beside the carboy. Fill the bucket with a little water and place the end of the hose down into it. When it foams over it will do so into the bucket and bubble out the gases without plowing the top off the carboy stopper. It's called a blow off tube. I haven't had to use one yet but I'm sure I will. I hope I described it right I have only read about how to use one.

06-10-2006, 04:07 PM
I started using a 7 gallon bucket fermenter several batches ago, as it elininates having to use a blow-off tube or having a geyser coming out of your airlock. I aerate twice a day with a lees stirrer for 3 days and then transfer it to an appropriately sized carboy. Makes it a LOT easier - not to mention LESS messy!

I made a multi-berry melomel a couple months ago and learned the hard way - the mess was spectacular!!!!! :D :D :D

Of course if you'r following the JAO recipe to the 'T', I guess you really can't be transferring from one fermenter to another. What I would do is make 5 gallon batches and use a 6 1/2 gallon carboy. That's what I did when I made my first JAO back in February and it came out great.

- GL63

06-11-2006, 03:05 PM
Well, tried removing the two champange bottles worth, didn't stop the berry seeds from clogging the airlock. Came home to find berry stains on the cieling.

Employed the blow off tube, and this morning no issues. Thanks Muirghien!

GrantLee- Yeah, I am following it to a T, as I am still unfamiliar with the multiracking/refeading/arating science. Perhaps nexct time I will do that, though being a poor college student I try to avoid buying more equipment. I probably will jsut start with a blow off tube rather than a blown off airstop.