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09-24-2004, 05:16 AM
Hi guys....
I'm gonna do up a batch of this Ancient recipe this weekend. 1 gal size.
As to my 3 gal.. Olde Batte's Recipe... I was afraid I've added too much cloves. After 5 days... 9/22 - I thought I'd take a sample down to work for pH testing and possibly acid testing. (I work in a concentrate juice plant.)
So.... while I had some out... I again tested the SG... it was now 1.020... it started out at 1.065
pH is 2.94 - kinda low doncha think.
and Acid... I'm not sure of how to test the acid in honey.. I can do it for juices... using tartaric or citric or malic tables. Which would honey be?
I also tasted it.... whoa... :P, a bit strong in the flavorings.. kinda harsh. I'm thinking of racking this weekend to another carboy to get it off any sediments and then perhaps topping it off with more honey/water. Will this sweeten the must ? Will it ferment faster ? What should I expect ? :-/ It will be one week old. It is still in the main floor bathroom and I intend to keep it there until the middle of October. Can I rack it once a week, topping off with honey/water to sweeten it up and possible help it to clear ?
Oh.. yeah - hear me experienced ones and give me advice.

:-* Suzy Q, Brewmistress in training I should be