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06-13-2006, 07:30 PM
I mistakenly added a little bit of Campden tablet (and Fermax) to my 1 gallon of mead after 16 days of fermentation. Now I halted the fermentation. Gravity is 1.052 and potential alcohol is only 6 percent.

Can I just add some more yeast and pick up where I left off?

06-14-2006, 04:16 AM
Please post your exact recipe including all ingredients along with your process and gravities.



06-14-2006, 08:21 PM
Oskaar sent a response to my inqiry "Can I re-start fermentation. He suggested that I send recipe, processes, specs to determine how I should move forward with my mead batch. This makes complete sense, so here it is.

Procedure, ingredients, and recipe for one gallon mead batch

Initial data for 5/27/06
O.G. 1.100
32.8 ounces of sugar
13.6% potential alcohol

meticulous attention given to repeatedly cleaning and sanitizing all items and hands
melted all honey (40 ounces pure Patagonia honey, 80% clover, 20% buckwheat)in sanitized sauce pan on stovetop-no boil and less than medium heat setting
dissolved 1/8 teaspoon Fermax and 6/10 teaspoon tannin in mildly heated water.
poured honey/water into glass jug and allowed to cool
filled jug with supermarket drinking water
poured one packet of Lalvin K1V-1116 yeast on top. Let sit in water for 15 minutes
add Fermax and tannin and shake vigorously for several minutes
Take initial hydrometer readings
Apply airlock filled with vodka
use evap cooling to maintain temperature range 68-72 Fahrenheit

6/13/06 (after 16 days)

took hydrometer reading
Gravity was 1.052
alcohol was 6.5 percent
I added another 1/8 teaspoon fermax and seven drops pectic enzyme
I also mistakenly added about 1/2 Campden tablet. This seemed to halt fermentation. I decided to add about 7 more ounces of heated honey tap water. I capped with airlock.
I thought I arrested the fermentation because all activity completely stopped. But a few hours later I saw bubbling in the jug.

Today (6/14) I see small bubbles in the surface liquid. And one bubble every 8 seconds in the airlock. In fact, the airlock bubbles are popping with some force and are loud.

Am I back in business, or is this just gas from Campden's or additives?
I bought a packet of EC-1118 thinking I would need to re-start the fermentation, but it looks like it re-started on its own?


06-14-2006, 09:28 PM

A couple of questions:

1.) I'm a little confused. You write about 32.8 oz. of sugar, then about 40 oz. of honey. Is this a recipe with table sugar and honey, or is the sugar the honey you mention, or am I missing something?

2.) Are these fluid ounces or ounces of weight?

3.) What were the pectic enzymes for? Is there a fruit ingredient I missed? It won't hurt anything either way to have them in there, but these enzymes are only of any use with regard to fruit and fruit juices.

It seems to me like you are fermenting again. You wouldn't be outgassing with such regularity otherwise.

Best of luck!


06-14-2006, 10:19 PM
Hi Dave,

Read your reply to my inquiry "Can I re-start fermentation?"
Let me answer your questions.

-When I used the term "ounces." I meant fluid oz.

-I did not use any sugar, just honey. I also wondered about the disaprity between hydrometer sugar reading and actual sugar amount used. Then I was reminded that honey is not completely made up of sugar.

I know the use of pectin was not necessary. I guess I thought it might aid in clering.

Do you think I should add a little EC-1118 yeast anyway to be on the safe side?



06-15-2006, 12:16 AM
Hey Dave,

Give it another day and see if the airlock activity picks up. If the K1 is acting normally the airlock activity should pick up markedly. If you don't see the airlock activity increase, go ahead and rehydrate another packet of K1 and re-pitch the yeast using K1. No need for the EC, K1 is every bit as potent, and that's why the campden tablet didn't kill it off completely, it's a very virulent strain of yeast.

Give it a day and post back up with an update.

Best of luck,


06-18-2006, 08:49 PM
Oskaar and lostnbronx,

I know K1V-1116 yeast was recommended to re-start the fermentation which as it turned out, never really stopped. I had a packet of EC-1118 at home. I used this to re-invigorate the fermentation because the brewing supply place in my area is too far away.

It's going along just fine. Since EC-1118 ferments all available sugar, I might arrest the fermentation early. I guess this is matter of tasting, testing, timing.