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richard lambert
06-21-2006, 07:57 AM

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Re: beeswax favor? Oaking?
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Always good to hear from the masters. I am very excited about the advent of mead in mi casa. I will put the lightly toasted oak in right away. I miss my mead being active. The waiting part is to me the hardest!Hear is the recipe.
13 pounds of wild flower honey palm/ orange very dark
5 gallons of spring water
2 tbsp of energizer/nutrient
1 tbsp tannis
3 tbsp acid blend toajust the ph to 3.6
1 pkg of kv1 1116
I did it natural great sanitation
Oskaar please tell me about lavender mead have 6 bushes in bloom. What does it taste like? Have a good recipe?I have always what to produce wine/ drink wine. Now I have a little bit of confidence to do so. thanks for the help