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10-05-2006, 02:57 PM
Ok peoples....
About a year and a half ago my boyfriend (at-the-time) introduced me to Mead. One of his friends from San Franciscon stopped by and gave us a bottle of this absolutely fantastic home-brewed mead. He has lost touch with this friend and we have been looking for a mead at least somewhat like it since with no luck.
Now we're engaged and are getting married in March. We are both Irish, and we both very much like Mead, so we thought it would be fitting to use Mead for a toast instead of the more traditional choice of Champagne.
What we're looking for is (and forgive the lack of correct terminology) a very full-bodied (almost syrupy) mead that smells kind of spicy, but mostly smells and tastes like honeyed apples and cinnamon. The alcohol content was pretty high, but you would never know it by tasting (didn't taste at all like a 'wine'). It was a rich golden yellow color, translucent, but had a definite color to it.
We've tried a couple from the Rabbit's Foot meadery (A pear and a desert mead I think) We've tried a couple of local winery's versions, we've tried Carroll's and we've tried Bunratty. The closest we've come is the Bunratty, but the flavor wasn't really the same. The flavor in the Carroll's was good, but it had a "winey" body (very thin) and almost bubbly alcohol feel/taste to it, if that makes any sense. But we got creative and we took 2/3 parts of Carroll's (for the sweetness and fruity tast) and mixed it with 1/3 parts of Bunratty (for the body and the spicy taste). It was very close to what we're looking for, but still fell a little short.
Does anyone have any suggestions??? (one's that I could have shipped to California would be much preferred, but not necessary). We need to get about 25-30 bottles of it before march, so I'm assuming home-brews are out.
help me please!!! I would be eternally grateful.....

10-05-2006, 04:07 PM
From your description, I was going to mention Bunratty as well until I read a little further. Bunratty is actually spiced mead blended with wine and there's some confusion over whether to even classify it as a true mead since Bunratty apparently won't divulge the percentage of wine they blend with the mead.

I'd suggest one of the Strawski meads. There's a distributor in both Monterey and Sonoma but I've ordered from a Chicago distribtor before with good success.

http://www.polishmeads.com/Jadwiga.html (ftp://http://www.polishmeads.com/Jadwiga.html)

or for a little more highly concentrated (and more alcoholic) mead, try:

http://www.polishmeads.com/Kurpiowski.html (ftp://http://www.polishmeads.com/Kurpiowski.html)