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10-11-2006, 09:14 PM
I have been an avid student of the American Civil War for the past 13 years. As part of my studies, I have traveled to all of the Civil War Battlefields run by the NPS with the exception of Wilson's Creek in Missouri, and Pea Ridge in Arkansas. Additionally, I have been to most State and County Civil War Battlefield Sites in both the Eastern and Western Theaters of the conflict.

I just came back Monday night from a Carolinas Campaign tour which consisted of sites primarily in North Carolina, although I did swing down to South Carolina to visit a couple Revolutionary War sites while I was in the area - Cowpens and King's Mountain - and of course Guildford Courthouse in NC - which were the first Revolutionary War sites I've been to.

I'm just curious ..... are there any other Civil War 'Amateur Historians' out here? I know that Vicky is no doubt one as a result of here involvement with the Civil War Reenacting Community. Anyone else?

- GL63

10-11-2006, 10:17 PM
Several years ago I figured I'd start with pre-history and work my way forward to US History. I haven't worked my way out of the Mediterranean and Asia Minor yet. There's just so much there that every time I turn around there's something new and exciting to learn about. Mostly in Egyptian, Greek and Roman history and of course their forays into the Eastern Empires. Really captivating stuff, and a lot of my own history (Illyria, Dalmatia) in there too.



10-12-2006, 12:54 AM
I've been to a couple of battle sites in the Philadelphia area, though they are mostly Revolutionary era sites. We actually got married about 2 miles from the Battle of the Brandywine in an inn (built in 1714) that later housed some wounded British soldiers. It's a beautiful area if you ever get a chance to get there (Chadds Ford, 45 mins west of Philly) and there are tons of buildings that are steeped in history. The inn owners suspect it was also a major link in the underground railroad due to an old highway that runs through the property. Cool.

If I had my choice though, I'd much rather visit Greek ruins. I like the cloudiness of ancient history. More stories, less hard facts.