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10-18-2006, 08:11 PM
Just getting into the mead making thing (though I've been making wine and beer the last three years or so) and have come across a slight dilema of sorts.

The latest addition of Winemaker Magazine has a section on making mead and the writer (Paul Zocco) states "Use the "complete" yeast nutrient, not DAP (diammonuim phosphate), which is often labelled "yeast nutrient" in winemaking shops."

In recipes and books (that I have seen) the use of DAP is included and not viewed as a bad thing.

Why would you not use a yeast nutrient with DAP included?


10-18-2006, 09:00 PM
Two reasons.

1. DAP is like pizza for yeast. Added into the must it is a great way to get your yeast running a full-on, sprint out of the gate. When DAP alone is added to the must the yeast tends to slow down later in the fermentation past the lag phase. Which is why I've been trending toward using the yeast re-hydration nutrient which gets the yeast nicely through the end of the lag phase.

2. DAP is a good source of ammonia nitrogen which the yeast like in the early stages of fermentation, but in the later stages of fermentation the yeast like amino-nitrogen which is not available in DAP. However it is available in a balanced nutrient like Fermaid-K which also contains a number of other nutrients, minerals vitamins and such.

So to me, it's ok to use DAP wherever you want, but I like the balanced nutrients because they give me better results.