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10-23-2006, 07:16 AM
Okay, I hope this makes sense because I am very intoxicated right now. I just finished my first racking. At which time I added approx 1.5L of honey water containing approx 2.5 lbs of honey. Anyway, Since I added 1.5L to the batch, I was about 1.5L over on space. Rather than pouring this down the drain I decided to drink it, yeast and all. I hope this is okay. Anyway, I just finished drinking a little under 1.5l of my first batch and OH MY GOD!!! I can usually drink this much wine no problem but I am extermely drunk on the same amount of mead. Since I'm not good with math (I am more of a poet) someone told me my abv should be about 14%. I wonder now if addng more honey might have been a mistake. Anyway, I am gong to add more after I stabilize probably, because I wanted a slightly less dry taste. Anyway I'm rambling right now but forgive the drunk guy. To all you newbees, it is a great feeling to get your first drunk from a brew of your own making. It really tells you you did it right. Anyway, if you couldn't tell. This is the first time I've made any sort of alcohol. Although I must give due credit to the yeasties and this site. I thak\nk you all. For those wondering my recipe was a 6 gallon batch of 12 lbs local clover honey and about 3 lbs of buckwheat for taste which has pretty much fermented out anyway. Using lal k1-v1116 yeast. Anyway, forgive my drunken ramblings but I'm sure most of you experienced brewers will be able to relate. Once again I thank yoiu all on this site. I couldn't have done it without you.

P.S. The 13'th warrior is a wonderful movie to watch while having your first sampling of your brew. Even if I am more related to the eaters of the dead than the north men. I still hope for valhalla.

10-23-2006, 07:40 AM
K1V will probably finish off most of the honey you added and you'll end up around 15%. Right now, looking at the amount of honey in your batch and not knowing your SG, I'd say you were at about 12.5% if it finished dry. Just remember to drink less next time. Sounds like you made a very drinkable mead, congratulations!