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10-23-2006, 04:53 PM
In the spirit of "Posting 101" I hope this is the right forum. ;D

Here goes

I'm going to visit my parents in the Buckeye/Pheonix area next week. Should I be looking for some awsome strange kind of honey I can't get here in Virginia? I already checked and Prickly Pears aren't in season there. What about a good place to eat? Any suggestions??

10-23-2006, 06:43 PM
You should be able to find a number of decent mexican restaurants in the Phoenix area, I have no idea on Arizona honeys though. When I visit my Mom in Arizona I hit as many mexican restaurants as I can, they've all been good to excellent so far, and any one of them should surpass the mexican restaurants in Virginia, but then I might be biased against restaurants in your state... Every meal I had the week I was in Virginia/Washington DC was over cooked and I probably ate at 15 different restaurants, I ordered 4 "Rare" steaks at 4 different Fancy ($$$) restaurants, they were all served medium to medium well with almost no pink. If I hadn't been on a schedule with a group of others all week I would have returned them.
Off topic Political Toilet humor... The highlight of the trip though was after driving for an hour and being unable to find a restroom in DC... we parked within site of the White House, and my Dad, an avid/rabid Republican who believes "W" can do no wrong, said "Let's see if we can find a bush to piss on" I couldn't let it pass and said "that's a Great Idea... Let's go find a BUSH to piss on." He wasn't amused, Everyone else thought it was hysterical, and reminded him of it at every rest stop for the rest of the trip.