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11-09-2006, 11:36 AM
First, thank you for such an awesome site. I've wanted to do this for years and after reading so much here I finally had the guts to give it a shot.

Second, made JOA as my first attempt. Used Orange Blossom Honey from a local bee keeper sold at my neighborhood Cidermill.

24 hours - 1 bubble per 60 seconds
40 hours - 1 per 20 (maintained this till day 4)
4 days - 1 per 30 (was slowing down so I topped it off as directed)
4 days + 1 hour - Bubbling like CRAZY (including a little foam in the airlock)
I make sure there is water in the lock so no air gets in. Seems to be doing well.

Third, OK, never been a one for finishing one project before going overboard on a second I tried my hand at a simple Cyser.

5 Gal Fresh Pressed Cider (Pressed once a year for just this sort of thing hence my not waiting, LOL)
15 lbs. Clover Honey (Same supplier as my JOA Honey)
Red Star Pasteur Champaign Yeast

Warmed honey bottles in warm water.
Added honey to 3 gal of cider.
Mixed/aerated by hand till my arms wanted to fall off to ensure all honey was disolved.
Topped to 6 gal and mixed some more.
Tested with Hydrometer. 1.300 OMG! Calmed down, looked more carefully 1.130 /whew! (Want a sweet Cyser)
Prepared yeast per package directions.
Placed fermenter in 68 degree basement.
Pitched yeast.

24 hours - No Bubbles
48 hours - 1 per 32 seconds

That's where I stand right now.

Thank you all,

11-09-2006, 03:03 PM
Welcome Twin,

Did you add nutrients when mixing?
Are you continuing to aerate the must for the first 72 hours?
Did you add nutrient at the end of the lag phase (when foaming appears)?
Did you add nutrient and energizer at the 1/3 sugar break?

You will find that proper dosing of nutrients (including O2) will give you a much healthier fermentation. Check out Oskaar's recipes to really learn how to dose your must properly. He leads you through everything step by step.

Good luck,