View Full Version : "head" forming in carboy

12-07-2006, 02:07 PM
Aloha all!

As we approach the end of week 4, my must is still bubbling along. The activity has slowed, but the airlock is still burping about 3 times per minute (it's one of those diving-bell style airlocks).

Now, there are patches of "permanent bubbles" sitting on the top of the must. While there are a few bubbles that have grown to english pea size, and look a little crusty, most of them just look like tiny fermentation bubbles that forgot to burst when they reached the surface.

Is this normal?

The info:
19.5 lbs "Busy Bee" honey (costco) boiled
1 packet Red Star champagne yeast
2.5 tbsp yeast nutrients (generic, from LHBS), added to yeast during rehydration

OG: either 1.160 or 1.016 Other scales read 21% and 36.

Environment: in my kitchen, wearing a t-shirt. Temp ranges from low 70's at night to mid 80's in the afternoon.

I make sure to visit with encouraging words at least twice a day!