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01-29-2007, 09:42 PM
Thanks Oskaar. I've added about 20 raisins and repitched with an active dry champagne yeast. I've been at a steady 5-10 blips/min for about a week now (the must was still very sweet then). Am I "unstuck"? Im not getting anywhere near the 40-120 blips/min I got with my 5gal beers. In general, what energizer & nutrient do you recommend?

01-29-2007, 11:04 PM
It's really more driven by the yeast. I use Lallemand yeast and the recommend reydrating with Go-Ferm and then supplementing with dosages of Fermaid-K. Other yeast have differing nutrient requirements so I just go with whatever the yeast manufacturer recommends. They designed the yeast and know it's needs so who am I to presume otherwise?



02-05-2007, 08:52 PM
Ok I just hit 1 month from my first (of two) pitch. I don't have a hydrometer yet, but the must is VERY sweet with just a mild fizzy "fermented" taste to it (its very pleasant, with some tartness from the blackberries). Im getting about 6-7 bpm on my bubbler. It just seems too damn slow. How can I get my fermentation really going?
Here's my original recipe:

10lbs raw clover honey
Purified water to 5gal.
WLP720 Sweet Mead/Wine yeast (1 fl. oz. liquid)

-Dissolved honey into water at 130
-Cooled to 75 in 6gal carboy
-prepped yeast in 1/2 cup 75 must plus 1tsp refined sugar and pitched.

At three days of very low activity I added:

1 pint pureed frozen organic blackberries
25 raisins
1tbs yeast hulls
repitched with 10g active dry champagne yeast

Please advise!