View Full Version : Degassing & Sorbate

02-19-2007, 11:57 AM
Here's what I've got going on:

9.36 L (12 kg) Allspice-Infused Wildflower Honey
36 L Spring Water
12 g Fermaid
10 Campden Tablets
11 g K1-V1116 - rehydrated in 110 g water for 20 minutes at 35-40 degrees C
OG 1.090
Room Temp is about 22 deg C
initial pH 5.24

First mistake was not waiting 24 hours before pitching yeast after adding Campden tablets - I got a yucky sulfur smell for a while, but it's fine now.

The 2nd day it was stirred with a lees stirrer (SG 1.089, pH 4.45), the 3rd day it was sloshed around a bit (SG 1.083, pH 3.39).

By the 4th day there were 1-2 bubbles per second moving through the airlock and all was well - even though the pH was 3.17.

Yeast was pitched 23 days ago. Bubbles are slowed down to 1 good blurp every 5-10 seconds. Tastes yummy. SG now is 1.010 and pH is 3.27.

Here are my questions: I have a pump to vacuum degas - when's the right time to do that? And I don't want to wait forever to bottle, so should I sorbate it when the SG has dropped by 0.100 or when it's clear or what??

I'm using demijohns that hang upside down on a rack. Thanks for any help available.