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04-04-2007, 09:44 PM
So to start it off, i would like to say, i bottled my first mead the other day. During the process i actedently shot air into my mead, or by other means arated it, sadly, as much as a tried not to. So how bad is this for my first mead? Will it be good in a month? Will it age faster? Or is it doomed to the sink?

The same day i racked my dangerous cyser due to the fact i had, after bottling, a free carboy, and the sediment was sitting there in large amounts.Sadly it stop fermenting afataer i racked it, there is just a little bit of sediment on the bottom(picked up from racking) and is perfectly clear, without a bubble is site. What should i do?

The advice would be appreciated.



04-05-2007, 04:51 AM

We need lots more info before we can help...

To Answer Your specific batch related Questions we need the following...

What was the Original Recipe?
What was the starting gravity?
What is the current gravity?
What type of yeast did you use?
On what Date did you pitch the yeast?
How did you rehydrate the yeast?
What was the Temperature of the must when you pitched the yeast?
Exactly what steps did you take while making the batch?
Did you aerate/oxygenate the must during the first 3 days?
Did you use any nutrients?
What was your airlock activity like?
What is the temperature of the room you ferment in?
Did you sanitize ALL of your equipment just before making the batch?

Plus, more specifically to your batch, how much air did you introduce? A little during racking, or a lot with major splashing during transfer? Chances are if it's a larger batch you'll be fine. Without knowing anything about your recipe we can't even begin to guess what you should do... except wait it out.

It's kind of like telling your car mechanic, I put the wrong type of fuel in my car (without telling him the type of fuel your car takes, what type or how much of the wrong fuel you put in). And then following up with the questions a) Will it still run next month? b) Will it go faster? or c) Should I take it to the Junk Yard for scrap?
Details man, we need details. ;D


04-08-2007, 01:34 AM
sorry, well here is the recipe and most of the procedures, I don't have a og or fg, due to the fact I only recently got a hydrometere. When i started it, it was in the kitchen and the temperature ranged quit abit. Now, and since it's been done, it was down stairs which is usually about 17*C. There was quite a bit of splashing, and air getting shot into the carboy. I rehydrated yeast as directed on the packet, i think it was added to warm water then thrown in the carboy.

So here is the recipe and log.

2kg of honey
Rind of one lemon
100ml of strong brewed green tea
2+ liters of well water
1 package of Redstar flor sherry wine

Heat well water until it hits a boil. Add in the 2kg of honey, keeping heat low, (below 76įC). Add in tea, and skim any white foam that occurs. Continue, until amount of white foam has decreased significantly. Remove from heat, add in lemon rind, and cover with tea towel and let sit over night to cool. Next day, filter or siphon in to 1 gallon carboy. Add the rest of the well water as well as pitched yeast (the must should be at the neck of the carboy). Attach airlock and let ferment.

Mead was added to carboy, airlock attacked and left to ferment.

Mead settled leaving a lot of sediment behind. Racked mead to another carboy, topped with well water.

Even more sediment this time, still pretty cloudy; racked mead to another carboy, topped with well water.

Starting to clear quite nicely, still fermenting, slower then before, hope to bottle soon, if Iím lucky itíll be ready to bottle within a month.

Cleared nicely racked of sediment and let it stop fermenting(Was barley fermenting at this point, just the odd bubble rising) Now I will let it age.

bottled mead, tasted is coming, still has a little of a green taste to it, but coming along.