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06-15-2007, 10:53 PM
Ok, first... here is my plan for 1 gallon of what i'm naming 'Desert Mead':

3 lbs Mesquite Desert Extra Light Amber Honey
6 Prickly Pears (2 lbs), pushed through a strainer (seeds removed)
1/8 tsp fermaid-K
Lavin RC212 (Bourgovin) yeast

Pasteurize honey in water.

Add fermaid-K, aerate, & pitch yeast starter.

Ferment in primary for 5-7 days, aerating twice a day for the first 3 days.

Rack onto prickly pear in secondary.

I've chosen the Lavin RC212 yeast because of this description that actually mentions the fruit i am using:

Lalvin RC212 (Bourgovin) : This yeast is traditionally used in the Burgundy region for full red wines and is a favorite of home winemakers seeking similar big reds. Naturally, it is perfect for Pinot Noir. It has good alcohol reach (14-16%) and high temperature (68-86 F.) tolerance and excellent color stability. This yeast requires high nitrogen nutrient additions to avoid the potential development of H2S. It is quite suitable for use with non-grape black and red fruit (plums, prickly pear cactus fruit, pomergrantes) and berries (blackberries, raspberries, dewberries, mulberries). It is quite tolerant of concurrent malolactic fermentation.

My question is about the nitrogen nutrient the description talks about. Does anyone have any experience with this yeast? Is there a particular nitrogen nutrient i can buy, and if so, how much should i use?

Also, i'm most certainly a novice so any other advice you'd care to offer concerning my recipe would be welcomed!

Thanks in advance,

06-15-2007, 11:03 PM
Do a forum search on Fermaid-K and you'll find a boatload of posts related to nitrogen content.

Make sure to re-hydrate your yeast with Go-Ferm.

Go to http://www.lallemandwine.us and read up on Fermaid-K and their new line of nutrients as well.