View Full Version : Taking gravity readings after adding fruit?

10-08-2007, 03:28 PM
Ok, I have a mead going with 4lb clover honey to 1 gallon total batch, nothing else but some nutrient and lalvin 1116. It started at 1.135 and I recently took a reading of 1.03 - 1.035, so I decided to rack onto strawberries. When should I take another reading, to keep the alcohol content reading pretty acurate, because since I added strawberries, doesn't that technically increase the gravity?

I added the strawberries last night, should I check it tonight for a reading?
Also, how do i calculate the estimated alcohol content, if I add strawberries mid way through fermentation? Would I still use my starting number of 1.135 and just factor in the change from when I added strawberries to the ending result?

Doing this the scientific way is confusing :)