View Full Version : Racked on fruit, can extra mead be used after fruit stage?

11-17-2007, 10:01 AM
Okay, the first time I racked onto fruit (strawberry) I didn't have any extra, weird huh? Anyhow, timetime I racked on raspberry and blackberries, and have still, about 1/4 of a 750ml container sitting in my fridge. I was just going to drink that as spillage, but wanted to know if I could return that part back to the origonal when I am done with the fruit, and rack into a new gallon jug, with sorbate and metabisulfite?

I know it is only 1/4 of 750ml, but I thought it would help me get a full four bottles, or possibly five from my one gallon batch.

I guess the big downside to doing what I want to do is going to 'water' down the fruit flavor. I should have added some fruit to the 750ml bottle when I put it in there, and attached an airlock (somehow), then I could have mixed the two back into one container..

11-17-2007, 02:11 PM
Better to "water down" the fruit flavor with mead, rather than plain water. If you take care to expose that remainder to as little air as possible, to minimize the oxidation, you can use it to top off later with no problems. I do this regularly, and I have various containers either kept at room temp under airlocks or kept totally sealed in the fridge, waiting to be used to top off carboys after I've racked off of fruit and/or lees. It's a good idea! :cheers: