View Full Version : Got Mead? meaders meet in Orange County, CA

03-15-2008, 01:03 PM
A couple of us Got Meaders got together last night at a buddy's house in the OC and knocked back a few beers and some of my Southwest Cherry Cyser. BeachfrontMeadman along with Oskaar, Spkrtoy and Maltbarley (of Brewcommune.com) met over in the City of Orange and had a nice little sit down and tasting session which ranged from a 2004 Alaskan Smoked Porter to a couple of Robust Porters our club will be entering for the AHA Club Only Competition Perfect Porter Challenge.

It was a lot of fun, stories were exchanged, people were tooled on, general jackassery ensued as the blood alcohol level went up. I encourage all of you Got Meaders out there to reach out to your geographically friendly brethren from Got Mead? and local brew clubs and arrange a get together. It's great to meet other meaders and brewers, share your best and get some really constructive feedback from people who also like to brew and make mead, etc. Plus it builds a real nice sense of community and you meet some quality people in the process.

Good to meet ya Beachfrontmeadman! Hope you enjoyed that cherry cyser.