View Full Version : Magic Hat making a Braggot?

06-21-2008, 12:20 AM
I recently saw a listing from local distributor for Magic Hat (I work in a liquor store) and it showed the various Magic Hat products for the year, including the variety packs. For those who don't know, they do a different variety pack for each season, which includes their regular seasonal and another type that is just called "Odd Notions" which is an experimental brew that is only used in their variety packs in order to "test the waters" for that particular type of beer.

Well, for the Winter of 2008, it listed the "Odd Notions" as a "Braggot." Now I'm curious to try it (I haven't actually had a braggot before. The meads I've made so far were traditional, metheglins (JAO, Redstone's Vanilla/Cinnamon), or Melomels (Redstone's Sunshine Nectar and Raspberry Nectar).

There isn't any official info from Magic Hat's WWW site about future "Odd Notions" so I can't confirm this, but I did see it in their info for the liquor stores.

06-21-2008, 12:42 AM
I work at a liquor store too so I'll most definitely keep an eye out for this! Thanks for the info, let's hope it's an actual braggot and not a honeybrown knock-off. Not saying honeybrown is bad but I want a mead not a honey beer =P