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07-15-2008, 12:31 PM
I just got back from a little driving trip around the Toronto/Montreal area, and had the opportunity to stop at Munro Honey and Meadery in southern Ontario. This little place, located in a very small and quiet village 14 miles off the nearest Motorway, was not hard to find, but once off the Motorway you have to ask where to go as there were no signs pointing you in the right direction. I used the GPS, so no problems there. They do have a nice map (http://www.munrohoney.com/fullsize.asp?image=map_1.gif) on the website.

Munros turned out to be two large industrial looking buildings set a little back from the road, barn red, surrounded by a few houses and some trees. They have a very pleasant shop with a lot of honey and bee related gifts, honey butters of various flavors, and of course, Mead. For those who do not recall, or do not know, Munros Mead were Gold and Silver medal winners in the 2007 IMA Meadfest competition for commercial producers.

The four I tried were the Blueberry, the semi-sweet Mead, the Sweet Mead, and their U.S. import (no longer available) Honey Wine. All were good, although the semi-sweet and the sweet were the best. The blueberry was subtle, which is good since I am not a fan of that fruit. The Honey Wine had a slightly odd flavor which I could not quite put my finger on. But the semi and sweet ones were wonderful. The honey flavor was so pleasant and distinct, it was hard to tell there was any alcohol in there. In my oppinion, those two were absolutely deserving of the awards. The one downer of the visit was that the Dry and Raspberry Meads were not available so I could not try them.

The lady we spoke to (I am sorry I do not remember her name) was extremely pleasant, helpful, and clearly proud of what they are doing. We had a good discussion about the Mead, the bees (CCD was the biggest problem they seemed to face, as apposed to the Mites), and the honey. She commented that the Meadfest had brought them a great deal of publicity and had helped to bring their Meads more into the public eye. In fact, during the 1/2 hour we were there, 5 couples entered and bought various bottles. Not bad for a dusty little road well off the nearest major highway.

Unfortunately, they cannot mail their Mead to the U.S., which means the only way for us to get it (until they find a good distributer) is by visiting. So, if you are either near southern Ontario, or passing through, make it a point to visit Munro's. Nice people making great Mead. They also have a very well made inside hive display, with a very active and healthy colony. The queen, marked with a red dot, was happily laying eggs while we watched. Very cool.