View Full Version : Wormwood13 says hi!

07-15-2008, 02:36 PM
Hi all!
New home brewer here with a focus on mead for now, but am looking to expand into beer and wine soon. I have my first two batches going right now and they fermenting along nicely. I have a great local teacher, but I thought I would branch out and meet more of the community to share best practices.

Side note, I tried to ferment a few things back in high school, but didnít realize the CO2 pressure was enough to really make a yeasty mess. I am glad it was in a closet and in plastic!

Hopefully, I have matured since then and I am looking forward to learn!


07-15-2008, 02:52 PM
Hi Wormwood,

Welcome to my Place. I highly recommend reading a *lot*, we've got an awful lot of info here. If you decide you like it enough, we've a Patron level that gets you into the advanced meadmaking forums and recipe sections.

Meanwhile, use the search tool above (don't use the word 'mead', LOL) to find what you're interested in, and surf around. Don't forget to check out the main site at http://www.gotmead.com, there is lots of good stuff there too. If you haven't already, create yourself an id there, we're currently running the 2 areas separately so you'll need to create yourself there as well.

Welcome, have fun, and have fun making mead!!!!