View Full Version : adding another round of honey

10-12-2008, 01:51 AM
Can I just add honey to second ferment that kicked back up? My plan is to just bombard it with as much honey (alcohol) and then some that the yeast can handle?

10-12-2008, 07:49 AM
Hello Meadguy771,

Your first question: You can always add honey, not always the best thing to do depending on what you are going for. So, are you going for dry, semi-sweet, sweet? Sometimes the increase in osmotic pressure from the extra honey can cause the yeast to stall out and quit fermenting. So... adding honey can 1; allow the fermentation to continue, or 2; stop the ferment where it is. This mostly depends on what yeast, where you started, where you are, and how much honey you want to add. Basically, see the second question's answer.

Second question: I have done this plan before, and I think everyone has at one point tried to make a super high alcohol mead. Now for the questions for you:

1) What was the starting gravity?
2) What is the current gravity?
3) What was the recipie?
4) What was your process? Times in the primary and secondary are important.
5) What was the yeast?
6) Anything else you can think of to tell us about the ferment would be good.