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01-05-2009, 11:32 PM
Hello folks!. I am new to these boards and new to mead making as I have only three batches under my belt. My first batch was a dry mead and is where I learned to keep my hobby locked away from thirsty spectators. My second batch was a Holiday Metheglyn that served as my complete Christmas shopping list. My new batch is a mango melomel, 4 months fermenting, and has a flavor like nothing Ive experienced before. Here is the rundown:
15 lbs clover honey, pulp of 10 large mangoes in cheesecloth, juice of 1 lemon, 1 packet of 1118 champagne yeast, water. S.G. 1.140 before topping off. After 4 months the S.G. is 0.980.
Throughout the early fermentation I could not smell the mango through the honey. After three months the mango odor is present. I just racked it off the lees and got a sample to taste....Wow!
It is thee strongest mango flavor I have ever tasted, far beyond mango juice. You could seriously pour this over ice and sell it as a mixed drink. The high alcohol content used up much of the available sugars giving it a slightly tart taste, like a mango that is almost ripe. It is still fermenting so I am sure the remaining sugars will be depleted and the flavors will yet alter.
My question is : Should I Sweeten and when? I was hoping not to use tablets so if there is a way to sweeten without sulfides I'd like to hear it.
Thanx, Xixist

01-06-2009, 08:59 AM
Welcome to GotMead Xixist,

It sounds like you have a very delicious Mead ready for aging. With a starting gravity of 1.140, you had a potential of 18% ABV, which is the upper limit of 1118 yeast, although good nutrient scheduling and fermentation control can push it a little further. Since you are already at 0.980, it sounds like the yeast have done their job and fermented to dry, leaving no sugar available. If you are still seeing some bubbling, this may be the Mead degassing, rather than continued fermentation, but it could still be some tiny bit of fermentation.

As far as back-sweetening, the choice is yours. If you like the Mead as is, then have it dry. If you want some more sweetness, then use the blending tool located under the calculator that JamesP created.

To make sure all fermentation has ceased, you can use a couple of methods other than chemicals. First, cold crash the Mead, then rack off the Lees. Using a fining agent will help clear the yeast out as well. You could also buy a filter system and use filter pads of 0.5 microns. This will scrub out all of the yeast ensuring no possible restart of your fermentation. Since you are already at 18% ABV, and the yeast tolerance is 18%, it is unlikely that they will ferment anything else, but it can happen so if you decide to go with just the racking method before adding more honey, keep it airlocked to make sure you do not create any bottle bombs.


01-06-2009, 07:36 PM
Many Thanx.
I do want to sweeten up the mead a bit . As it is it reminds one of the perfect lemon-aid with a regal overpowering of mango. The added honey should bring it up to a subtle nectar. I will research the required amount where you directed me.
I got to add...of all the clubs and sites and boards, Gotmead is surely the most helpful and entertaining of them all. When I can I plan on becoming a patron.
Thanx again, Xixist

01-07-2009, 01:18 PM
How long did you go before you racked it off the mangos?