View Full Version : Passing of a Mazer

Medsen Fey
01-07-2009, 08:39 PM
The Greater Houston Weekly has a story on the Purple Possum Winery (http://www.hcnonline.com/articles/2009/01/07//greater_houston_weekly/top_of_the_week//0107_houston_wine_walk.txt)and the mead they make. In the report they note:

Editor's Note: Following the publication of this article in Greater Houston Weekly, Purple Possum Winery owner Monty Galloway passed away earlier this week. Our condolences to the family. The winery remains open. Visit www.purplepossum.com (http://www.purplepossum.com/) for more on the establishment.

I have never met the gentleman nor have I tasted his meads, but even so, I feel a sense of loss over his passing.

I'll be hoisting a flagon to his memory.