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02-05-2009, 03:05 PM
I'm having a similar problem with my JOAM but it has now been 6 days since I pitched the yeast. The OG hasn't changed at all. The only thing I did differently is substitute in a Red Star Red Wine yeast as opposed to the bread yeast. I made 2 batches 1 following the recipe and 1 with about 25 blackberries in place of the orange and raisins. Everything else, temperature wise, process etc. is the same as the original poster. I did sample the must from my OG measurements and it tastes really good - almost like sweet spiced syrup.

There are some little bubbles coming from the bottom of the jugs (4L water jugs) and activity in the air lock (1 bubble every 20s or so) but my OG hasn't changed yet. Does anyone think adding some nutrients/energizer and/or some additional yeast would be a good idea? This is really the only thing thats available to me in terms of nutrients (my LHB's all suck):
Does anyone else have any other suggestions or thoughts?
Or should I just leave it and hope for the best?

My main concern is that if I just leave it for 2 months I will end up with an aged syrup with no alcohol... :(

02-05-2009, 07:32 PM
Hello New Meadmaker,

Welcome to Got Mead?

What you made isn't Joe's Ancient Orange Mead. The moment you alter the recipe you void the warranty. The bread yeast is a pivotal ingredient in this recipe. Wine yeast is a more aggressive yeast and will take both of your recipes dry once it gets going. Wine yeast should also be rehydrated properly.

Now for the good news, both of your meads as you're describing them are actually fermenting if you see airlock activity. It sounds like you may not have a good seal on your airlocks and bungs. Make sure they're in good and snug.

Also be sure that your honey is completely dissolved and not congealed on the bottom in a thick layer. Swirl your carboys to dissolve any additional honey that has not been dissolved if you find the honey stratified and lying lazily on the bottom. Post up your finding here in this thread.

Please take the time to read the forum rules and the description of each one of the forums prior to posting in them. Of note is the description of this forum. I'm highlighting it in red for you.

This section is for New Mead Makers. Please don't hijack their topics.

Hijacking or threadjacking is posting your issues on top of other peoples issues. We're more strict in this section than in other sections because people posting in this area are generally pretty worried about their stuff and it's annoying to have someone step on ones angst while others are trying to help.

Your action items:

Check for stratification of honey
Dissolve any remaining undissolved honey
If you have to stir, be sure to sanitize whatever you use to do so
Swirl your carboys to get everything mixed up
Post up what you found here

Cheers, Oskaar

02-06-2009, 12:19 AM
Caught red handed - I didn't read the rules :( I know what threadjacking is but usually on most forums they would actually encourage the opposite as opposed to starting multiple different threads on the same topic. Sorry about the hijacking but I know for next time when visiting these forums.

Thanks again for your suggestions on the Mead and I figured as per the bubbles and airlock activity that everything was fermenting but was confused as per the OG measurements. Is it typical that fermentation of Mead, or JOAM style recipes such as my deviation-recipes, to take multiple weeks/months? At the rate mine is going it seems like that is going to be the case....

To clarify some points:
-The honey was completely dissolved before pitching the yeast.
-I figured that with using a red wine yeast that I would end up with a higher alcohol content and a slightly drier mead - it was somewhat intentional :)
-I did in fact rehydrate the yeast as per the package instructions for pitching it.
-As per your instructions I'll start stirring/aerating the must. Is it recommended to do this daily? My understanding of oxygenating/aerating Mead was that is was necessary during the first few days after pitching the yeast which I'm already past.

Thanks again!

02-06-2009, 02:31 AM
You'll need to get us a gravity reading at this point so we know what we're dealing with.

We'll also need your exact recipe and process (that means every step no matter how unimportant it seems).

Aeration is necessary early as you described, but, it the fermentation hasn't ever really taken off it's necessary until you start to undergo anaerobic fermentation.

If you rehydrated your yeast, then you'll need to dose it with nutrient. You can get Fermaid-K at http://www.morewinemaking.com. Look under fermentation and do some browsing in that section, it's not hard to find.

Give us those details please.