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02-20-2009, 10:58 AM
Hey fellas,
Been putting honey in my beers for ages now so I thought I'd put on a Mead. I put 55L on, a 30L batch and a 25L batch. Now, I like it sweet so I put 9kg of Honey in the 25L one and used SN9 yeast and put it in the cuboard. It's been putting out a bubble per sec for 3 days now. I didn't boil the honey or take SG. Once I rack, ill add Pink Lady Apples till the next one. Good thoery?
The 30L batch is 12kg Honey with 12 Lemon Myrtle tea bags, same yeast. It's been bubbling like crazy, need to keep cleaning the lock.

02-20-2009, 03:09 PM
Hello, errant! Welcome to "GotMead?" !!

If I've done my arithmetic correctly, you had an initial gravity of about 1.106 in that 25L batch. That should yield about 14% ABV if it ferments dry, and the ethanol tolerance of SN9 is well above that -- closer to 18% if you are careful about initial aeration and nutrient additions. So... you may get a drier mead than you bargained for!

No worries -- you can always allow the mead to finish, then stabilize it with metabisulfite and sorbate, and then backsweeten it to taste. Racking onto the apples might give you some of the residual sweetness that you're looking for, so my only suggestion would be to consider the metabisulfite and sorbate as an addition immediately after you rack. Let it age with the apples for a bit, then taste and add more honey if you feel that it is needed later.

02-20-2009, 07:57 PM
Thanks for the input Wayneb, appreciated. I'll see how it goes and will probly do as you say once its stabilised. How long should I leave it before racking? Straight after I've deduced its stopped or can i leave it a bit longer? How will that affect it? I've left beers in the primary for up to 6 months and the longer seems better to me.
They are both fermenting well, its slowed a little since yesterday, I opened them up and gave em a good stir and snuck a taste.