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09-03-2009, 10:42 PM
I just posted a bunch of posts in the brewlog - and all are completely foolish displays of incalculably insolent inexperience (alright, yes, I made all the other kids cry that day during the "witty aliteration" lesson in grade school). No clue what I'm doing. But, I found this place, so I guess it's a step in the right direction. And if I get really lucky, maybe some of the mead I've tried to make in my first 7 batches will actually be drinkable.

Anyways, wanted to say hi, introduce myself, or something. Apologize for posting in the brewlog as if I actually knew something about making real mead. That sort of thing. But I am thankful there's a place to keep a log and expose myself to the all-too-knowing eyes of experienced mead makers, even though part of me doesn't really want to know how badly I am doing ;)

Anyways, I've never brewed or made any kind of fermented drink, and the last time I had mead was at a ren. festival about 3 or 4 years ago. It was really tasty. Some guy made it, I guess. Or, I think. Anyways, haven't had it since then, and it just popped into my head, so I started looking online, and found some "it's so easy, you can do it" web page, so I started... probably foolishly, yes, but I started.

If work and wife and leading a life of liesure don't interfere, perhaps I'll actually keep doing this and learn something in the process. Hmm. I will say that although I'm doing a pretty bad job of it, I *am* having a lot of fun. Lot of other stress in my life at the moment, so this is a welcomed diversion.

Thanks in advance to anyone who offers advice, laughs, etc. !


09-04-2009, 12:12 AM
Welcome to Gotmead?!

Lucky for you, the learning curve on this hobby is one you can enjoy! I wish I'd had the same courage to jump in with both feet. I was so paranoid I was going to make people go blind or kill someone I didn't really enjoy the first few months. I've since gotten over that paranoia. I think it was around the time the first JOA was ready. :)

09-04-2009, 12:54 PM
Welcome to the "Gotmead?" community, dohrt! We're glad that you found us, too!

I've taken a peek at your brewlog entries, and for the most part I think you're starting off on the right foot. Not too bad for someone who "doesn't know what they're doing!" ;D

For the time being, I'd simply recommend that you read the Newbee's Guide (see the Site Menu links on the left side of this page), along with all the other good stuff already available here, and then if you have any questions going forward on your current batches or when you're ready to start another, feel free to ask!

Thundering Bear
09-04-2009, 03:13 PM
Welcome to Got Mead! This will take a lot of your fear away for sure.

Which Ren Faire were you at that you had the mead? I know the mead at the one in Minnesota is made by one person just for the Faire and it's tasty. The Egyptian Mead is the best I've ever had.

Good luck brewing!

09-12-2009, 08:46 PM
Hi everyone...

First of all, let me apologize for my lack of internet time... I haven't had much time to be on at home, and can't do personal stuff at work. So this is the first time I've hopped back on since I posted. Sorry if it seemed like I left or something. And thanks to all who posted !!!

As for the mead, well, as the weeks continue, nothing seems ruined yet, but who really knows. The most change has come from the not-so-jao batch (#1), which I probably jumped the gun on way too early (though the instructions did say....), but I think letting it age for a bit will help a lot. Let's hope. And I got some great advice on the melomel, so hopefully that will help with that too.

As for what I've tasted before, sadly, I've never been to a fen fest anywhere except Michigan (no clue who the mead maker was there... it was dark, late, I was already quite warmed up for the evening, and somebody just showed up and started handing out beer bottles of the stuff... it was sooooo goood) and Maryland (from a booth type deal, just as a "customer", not really as anyone with "connections"). And even that was several years back.

In any case, I have looked through much of the newbee guide... wow. Great info there. Although I have to admit, some of it is a little intimidating to me (not sure why - it's spelled out so well and clearly). But I will try to start understanding it. This seems like a WONDERFUL site... and everyone seems so nice...

Seriously, I really appreciate the time, and energy you put into this. I am completely broke right now after blowing my wad on the supplies to try this out, moving, and starting a new job all in a month's time. But I will definitely have to pony up some change for this site once I get some spending money again (I just started a new job, so there's a long lag on that, bleh). I can't believe how much info is here... delicious.