View Full Version : Questions on my first mead attempt. Maybe a JAO

Allen Brown
09-22-2009, 03:08 PM
OK, been reading quite a bit now, but I have a few questions. First, I have been brewing beer for about 12 years now, so I am not a complete newb to home fermenting, just a complete NewBee to mead;)

Before coming here and reading for hours, I wanted to make a pure basic honey mead, with nothing added. I have a good local source on some delicious honey (not processed, not even a label on the jar, but tasty), and I want to 'pay homage' to the flavor of the honey and the generosity of the apiarist who so kindly gave me the honey for free. So, I wanted to make a pure mead that would not have the flavor of the honey 'covered' by the extras added in. Additionally, I would prefer to make a dry, or slightly off-dry mead.

However, after reading the beginners guide, there seems to be some merit to making a JAO;
1. quicker total process time from start to drink (remember, I'm use to beer brewing),
2. almost foolproof for us NewBees.

The other issue I have is I want to make a 3 gallon batch, since I have a 3 gallon type1 food grade plastic carboy. I will primary in my 6 gallon bucket carboy, but would like to secondary in the 3 gallon plastic.

From what I have read around here, since it will only be secondary fermenting for maybe 3 months, that shouldn't be a problem. Does anyone agree with this point?

Since I am making 3 gallons, can I scale the honey amount from one gallon up to three, but keep the extra ingredients down at the 1 or 2 gallon level?

I know, I know, if I mess with the ingredients, I void my warranty, but the reason I ask, is because of the items I listed above in the second paragraph.

Thanks for the help!

09-22-2009, 05:43 PM
i have been dabbling with mead less than a year and from what i can tell so far you can just about do anything with mead as long as you like it! good luck and be creative!