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10-23-2009, 12:51 PM
I frequent Beer Advoctate a lot when I want to know about a specific beer. I have been going there for several years, but they ONLY have 4 meads there being rated. I am proposing we find out how to add more meads and then review them. I think it will build awareness of good meads and whose who make poor meads may improve their recipes and or practices. I do have other motives as I just started up a meadery and I would love to have a place where my meads can be reviewed.
Any feed back.

10-23-2009, 12:54 PM
If you look at ratebeer.com they have almost every mead listed. Maybe there is an easy way to port it over?

10-23-2009, 02:07 PM
Well, it is BEERadvocate, and mead's really a wine more than anything. Beeradvocate doesn't even do cider reviews, so I can understand why they wouldn't really have any mead. Ratebeer would probably be better for meads, as they do include things other than beer as was just mentioned.

10-23-2009, 02:21 PM
Hey Johnny,

I understand you have a business that is starting up in the mead production arena and that you want to get the name out there. I'm not sure that spending a lot of time pressing reviews up to an overwhelmingly beer oriented site is going to be super valuable. There are plenty of beer enthusiasts who love mead as well to be sure so to that end I think there may be some value.

I'm always somewhat hesitant to spend time populating other businesses websites with content when it serves as well or better here on Got Mead?

That being said, I think if you want to get out there are rate a bunch of mead on Beer Advocate it would be a benefit for people. I'd be careful about doing so and state up front that you are a mead producer as well so that people will be aware that you have an interest in both your mead reviews as well as others on the site. I think if people want to help you market your mead (and others as well for that matter) by adding reviews on Beer Advocate that's great, but I'd caution you to be careful about rating other producers mead since you are now a producer. It may be interpreted as being disingenuous. I don't know, it's a sensitive thing when one meadery, winery or brewery gives another a poor review and low score. I personally would not be happy to see a competitor slam one of my meads in a beer forum.

I think anyone who is going to help/be associated with an effort that you're involved in should probably state that up front so there is full disclosure at the outset.

Just my .02,



10-23-2009, 03:37 PM
Are you looking more for "random people" reviews or do you want to try and create something like the Robert Parker/Michael Jackson of mead? There is a publicly accessible mead review section here on the forum and a mead reviews section linked from the main page as well (with reviews from less-than-random folks).

10-24-2009, 03:20 AM
I have been a member on Ratebeer for several years and have rated numerous beers, plus meads and ciders. While I do this less than I did previously, I use it mainly as a means of cataloging different beers I've tried in my travels, but many people take it very seriously. I've found it and Beer Advocate to be good resources, but keep in mind that most people there are purely "beer geeks" who may not appreciate meads or ciders. Plenty of good mead gets rated poorly, while the super-sweet Polish meads do best (in the interest of full disclosure I do happen to love them as well). I think its important to understand that mead may not get the love it deserves on a beer or wine site and much of the rating/criticism may be as a result of not understanding the beverage.

Also keep in mind that these are largely user-driven sites (more so for Ratebeer, but also true for BeerAdvocate) and at least on Ratebeer, users "add" beers, meads, and ciders when they sample and rate them. In many ways I find this preferable to a brewer pushing for ratings of their product. That being said, there are many brewers who make their presence known on both sites and are available for discussion/questions, and I've usually appreciated receiving feedback from the brewer based on my rating.

Also keep in mind that it may take time to accumulate ratings, especially for brewers not located in higher traffic areas. Limited distribution will make getting your meads to more raters more difficult, though it should happen eventually!

10-25-2009, 10:32 AM
Oskaar, very good insite, but you will notice I already did just as you suggestion, by stating in my first post that I had a new meadery and had other motives for getting meads on beeradvocate. I would like to introduce more people to Mead there, as that is the site I prefer and I frequent and promote on my show. There is nothing disingenuous about my motives. I host a podcast called "Beer Talk Radio" at BrewCrAzY.com and I do not slamb any beer or mead we review, I don't review beers that are bad and that is how I review meads as well. Reviewing a bad beer or mead and puting it out there just hurts the whole industry. I just recommend the good. We did a BrewCrAzY show and Interviewed David Myers of Red Stone Meadery and it was a great interview, where we helped to promote his meads to homebrewerys.
FYI - Here is the link to the show:

This inderview we did in Jan 08, His enterview is what caused me to start a meadery, after hearing him talk about how he started up with a bunch or carboys in his basement.

Oskaar, FTR I did not take offence in your post in any way, I am just reiterating my sinserity and straight forwardness :-)

Johnny Max

10-25-2009, 01:34 PM
Glad that didn't hack you off Johnny!

I don't go out to either site unless there is a beer that I'm unfamiliar with so my frequency there is pretty low. I haven't seen any of your posts on that site so I don't know how they're being received and what kind of impact they're having on the beer drinkers. I don't really know that it's measurable by anything other than comments on your reviews. I suspect that wouldn't be very accurate either however.

I'm not a good candidate for watching webcasts because I have a rough time just sitting and watching something, plus I'm just too damned critical of things like that so most of the time I'm ticking off what I'm seeing that's wrong, rather than what is beneficial.

Either way, as long as you're being up front about things I don't see that people will have a problem with it.