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11-06-2009, 11:00 AM
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First post at Gotmead, looks like a great forum. I've made a few batches of mead, all with raw honey, one pasteurized, the other two with 70 deg F water and all pitched with wine/mead yeast, all to good results. I picked up some goldenrod honey yesterday that was from the bottom of the bulk tank so...medicinally speaking, it's loaded with propolis, pollen and enzymes. It tastes great, but it definetly has some extra "sediment". Does anyone know if these extra components (or higher concentration of these components) affects a mead to the positive or negative? I was thinking when I rack it to secondary most of the pieces that can't dissolve will be left behind. Does anyone know about the affect of alcohol on the medicinal properties of the raw honey? Any help is much appreciated.

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11-06-2009, 11:28 AM
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I don't personally know of any research done on the transfer of medicinally active components from honey to mead, so I can't answer your last question directly, but I do know that the bits of "stuff" that come along for the ride when you use settled raw honey do not generally negatively impact the flavor profile of your mead, as long as they don't taste bad in the honey itself. I've used the "tailings" from my work buddy's extractor several times and have made some quite good meads with that honey.

In general the soluble bits will provide some nutrient value for the yeast, and those insoluble particles will settle out in the lees layer, so if my experience is any guide, I'd say use the honey and enjoy the result!

Medsen Fey
11-06-2009, 11:31 AM
Higher concentration of pollen and protein matter may provide more nutrients for the yeast and give a healthier faster fermentation. If they don't added excessive bitterness to the honey, then the mead should taste fine.

Mostly all of the extra protein and enzymes will drop out with the yeast in the lees, and I don't believe you'll wind up with anything that is more beneficial from a health standpoint.

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