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02-24-2010, 09:27 PM
I am just having an impossible time deciding on what I should make.

I am still experimenting with small batches, and all my carboys are full right now, but I have a 1-gallon jug of Murray's apple cider, and 3 other empty 1-gallon jugs that are just itching to be filled with mead. This is my current inventory, please help me decide on a few batches to mix up:

1 packet each:
Nottingham Ale Yeast

2 x 2lb Raw Suebee Honey
2 x 2lb NC Gallberry Honey
2 x 3lb NC Wildflower Honey
1 x 6lb Florida Orange Blossom Honey

1gal Murray's Apple Cider (unopened in a glass jug... was thinking about a cyser for this)

I was thinking about doing a strong traditional with all 4lbs of the Gallberry, but I read a few posts about medicinal and off flavors in gallberry meads. Not sure if I should blend this with one of the other honeys I have on hand. I also wanted to use some or all of the orange blossom to make a version of Oskaar's Sweet Sack.

I think all the batches I have made so far have come out pretty sweet, so I was thinking I should make 1 or 2 dry batches for comparison.

I was also thinking I should make either a 1gal or 1/2gal batch of dry mead for topping off other batches.

There are just way too many options, and my head is about to explode... :eek:


Thanks for any recommendations or advice you can provide. ;D

Angelic Alchemist
02-25-2010, 12:54 AM
Making dry meads with my local honey has given me good information about the qualities the of honey/apiaries in my area. I especially noticed the difference between the spring and fall varieties - my spring dry meads are light and floral, where the fall dry meads are smokey in comparison. This is for Texas - I'd be interested to see what you find with your NC honey should you choose to go this route.

My biggest hit so far amongst my friends has been a dessert capsicumel I made (there's a brewlog for it on this site called "capsicumel experiment") but the recipe is designed for fall fruit. I'm sure you could make some adjustments of you wanted to do something similar. Sweetness from residual sugar and heat from chiles can masque a lot of imperfections, and capsicumels are very unique, so people are impressed by them easily.

Another thing about dry traditional meads - you can't hide anything. So if you are looking to see how good your technique is, going dry is a great way to do it! K1V and EC1118 are both nice for going dry because they are neutral, they have high EtOH tolerance, and you can use them for sur lees aging. I think D47 is okay for sur lees aging too, though it has some tight temperature requirements, lower EtOH tolerance and acts unpredictable at times, depending on the must.