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08-18-2010, 12:01 AM

I made some batches of mead before (see my other topics) and they turned out rather OK. Now, I've done the Joes's Ancient Orange receipe. It has been fermenting since 13th of June. Taste is very ok. Yeast is regular bread yeast: cerevisiae. SG now is 1040.

Staring SG was 1340. Can that be right?

It seems to be sparkling. Can that be normal?

So I get an AVB of around 12%. Would that be about correct?

Do you think it is done fermenting? I haven't got the time to check SG later one more time because this Saturday I have a litle (Goth) party where I would like to share this mead with some connaiseurs. I will also sell some. I legally need to be able to tell what the AVB aproximately is.

08-18-2010, 12:24 AM
Staring SG was 1340. Can that be right?

No, that cannot be right. That 3 needs to be a different number, I'm guessing a 1.

Also, watch that you put a decimal place in there, otherwise you're coming up with the specific gravity of maybe molton lead.;)

It seems to be sparkling. Can that be normal?

Well, if it's not bottled yet and you're not sure if it's done then it will have some bubbles, that's what all fermented beverages are like while fermenting and right after. Since you say "appears to be" I'm assuming this is a very subtle bubbling, which is to be expected in a young mead.

Or was this bottled at some point? If it was bottled and is now carbonated then you need to get that into the fridge right away, very right away.

After about 2 months I would imagine that yes it is "done" though it could always wake up and start going again.

As to ABV, there's simply no way to tell without getting your starting SG figured out. And I do have to ask, you say you don't have time to confirm the current SG, but you have at least 3 days?

Chevette Girl
08-18-2010, 12:54 AM
I'd believe an initial SG of 1.130, 1.134 or 1.140... and 1.040 is about as low as most of my JAO's get. Mine are usually 1.125-1.130 to start with.

Be warned, I have had an apparently finished JAO restart after a couple months in the bottle...

If you've bottled it all already, pop one open and see how carbonated it is, check the SG at the same time.

Opening one bottle now may save a lot of pain later if they are really pressurized. If it's not yet bottled and you're going to bottle it this week and bring it to a party, that's fine if it's sold to be drunk that night, but you can't in good conscience sell anyone something that could become a bottle bomb in a couple of months.

08-18-2010, 09:08 AM
starting GG was indeed 1134

I botteled my 2L batch in beer botles so that should be safe-ish. The rest (a 15 L batch) will be put in 2L botles with a screw-top to be sold in glases.

I am calculating an ABV around 12,5 %, is that about what you guys get, because i tought it would be a lot less ?

Medsen Fey
08-18-2010, 09:25 AM
JAO can get to 13-14% ABV sometimes.

If your yeast isn't finished, and you've bottled it, you may get bottle bombs. If the yeast go from 12.5% to 14% they will generate about 6 volumes of CO2 which is Champagne-level pressure and which can explode a beer bottle. Caution is warranted.