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09-24-2010, 12:57 AM
ok i got a couple questions here about the drinkability of some meads i have found on my shelves that never got fully brewed. i had started a oak mead and a mango mead back in the middle of may and i dont recall if i ever racked them the first time into the secondaries but i'm pretty sure i did.my question is that since the last notes i have on these two meads is from july 4th i'm assuming thats the last time they were opened when i had taken the 2nd batch of mangos out,the oak mead never had the chips added.my question is with the meads sitting on the dead yeast will that add off flavors into the mead and ruin it or is it nuetral and nothing to worry about for the finished mead? i also have a homebrewed beer that has the same problem of sitting on the dead yeast since may....any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Chevette Girl
09-24-2010, 01:00 AM
I think the best thing to do is rack the meads and have a taste... I'm bad for neglecting my wines (usually I rack off the fruit and then forget about it) but usually it's salvageable. Not always (like when I left the fruit in for months and really shouldn't have). But I suspect if there were going to be an off taste, it would be there now and you'd know by tasting.

The beer, sorry, haven't tried that yet, no idea.

Medsen Fey
09-24-2010, 09:18 AM
Sometimes sitting around on lees, especially with fruit (or with some yeast strains) can lead to off flavors and odors, but sometimes it does no harm at all or can even be beneficial.

The only way you'll know it to take a sample and taste it. You can trust your taste buds.