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10-07-2010, 06:11 PM
I have my first two meads sitting in their carboys, and each of them has been racked once from primary fermentation to secondary fermenters. One is a sweet raspberry, and the other is a JAO. I believe we racked them into the secondary fermenters about a month ago, and were waiting for them to clear so we could bottle them. The hydrometer numbers all came out perfectly when we racked them the first time around, so I'm sure that yeast has done it's thing and is pretty much doing working.

And now they are looking very nice and clear - after only a month. Is that normal? The JAO is pretty standard, and we added pectic enzyme to the raspberry one, which is so dark that it is hard to tell that it is clearing, but we don't get a beam of light when we shine a flashlight into it.

Our plan is to rack the mead into another container, and add in potassium sorbate (or whichever chemical stops fermentation), wait a week, then go ahead and bottle. Is there any reason this is a bad idea? Do we need to let it bulk age longer? Is one month too short for a mead to clear?

We plan to bottle age it for a while, trying a bottle every month so we can track its progress as it ages.

Thanks in advance for your help!

10-07-2010, 11:40 PM
Just to clarify....you can't see the light through the mead, or you don't see the mead scatter the light? When it is clear, you should be able to clearly see a light shone through it (pointed it at you), even if the color is dark.

If the mead is done fermenting and clear, and you stabilize it, and you're happy with where it is, there is no reason you can't bottle it now.