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Tannin Boy
11-21-2010, 11:05 AM
This is for all you sausage makers out there...

I started out this morning realizing I was down to my last package of bacon :mad:

I thought I would share a recipe for bacon I make and try to keep on hand.
I have taken up sausage making whilst having a moment to spare between the Mead, Wine, and Cider making duties that always prevail over all other priorities for this time of year?

Honey - Cured Bacon

1 Cup Salt
4 Tb. Insta Cure No.1
2 Cups Honey ( What is available from cupboard ) ( I prefer Buckwheat )

Mix the Insta Cure and Salt and thoroughly rub the Pork Belly slab that has had the skin removed. Take a sheet or two of Saran Wrap and lay on table to enclose the Pork belly completely and then pour honey on both sides of bacon evenly. Wrap and place in 38 deg. frig for 6 days...
After the curing time rinse excess honey and cure off the the bacon with lukewarm water and let bacon air dry for 30 min. Then place in preheated smokehouse at 135 deg. with dampers wide open for 30 minutes. Then close dampers to 1/4 and apply smoke ( Hickory ) or if you like a lighter flavor then choose you preference of wood and smoke till internal temp. reaches 127-128 degrees. Then reduce temperature to 120 deg. and smoke until desired color is obtained. Remove to refrigerator overnight before slicing.

I like my bacon thick and the flavor will be best at the crisp point of cooking the slices on a high heat.



11-21-2010, 02:28 PM
Sounds great, thanks for sharing!