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02-18-2011, 07:37 PM

I have been making mead for 3 years now and have a curious problem. I have been making meads with 1 measure of honey to 2 measures of water. I have made 2 batches both started in september last year. Both given the same amount of yeast nutrient, both made with K1V the only difference is the source of honey both were wildflower honey, both just screened raw honey. unheated. I have bottled the one in december clear enough to read through and the other has not cleared. I tried sparkeloid over a month ago and it is somewhat better but still not clear. I tried to chill it and in over 2 weeks no improvement. Do you have any suggestions?


02-19-2011, 12:03 AM
I am far from an expert with clearing agents, but I think sparkolloid is negatively charged and bentonite is possitively charged, so where sparkolloid failed, maybe bentonite will work? The other clearing agent I know about is Isinglass, but that is usually used for beer (Im not sure why) and Im not sure if it is at all useful in meadmaking. Id like to learn some more about this too, so hopefully somebody with more experience will add to it.

02-20-2011, 12:21 PM
Thanks Triarchy,

I'll try the bentonite. I haven't had much luck finding it here just moved to South Dakota in the Black Hills. Beautiful here but much more rural than even Fargo ND. So I'll have to wait on the delivery from my brewsupplier.