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06-12-2011, 03:29 PM
Maizing... hm not sure if thats a real word, but who cares lol. Been gone for about 6 months just dealing with life, and seperating with my wife (turns out shes a nutter, and im an arse who knew?;)). Sitting at work today I thought I should check in on the mead world. Just before we started fighting hot and heavy we satarted our first 5 gal batch of traditonal, dont have all the info in front of me but its pi$$ing me off lol. Been going for over 2 months now and stalled out at the halfway mark, repitched and added some yeast energizer last week and is bubbling away again. Guess we will have to split custody once its bottled lol. Also began dabbling in beer and started my first batch of graff last week, if it turns out will have to do a graff / bragot hybrid soon. I also got my self into another time / money pit hobby and now have a 20 gal salt water aquarium up and running. The plus side to this is that I am installing an RO \ DI system for the tank water and drinking so I dont have to buy water for brewing anymore YAY! Strangely enough those systems are cheaper through the fish world than the home improvement places. Well I guess thats about it, I will be posting more ideas (good and bad) and brewlog updates in the future. Happy Maizing!

06-12-2011, 03:37 PM
I'd guess it'd be "mazing", as "maizing" might be more to do with corn.....;)

If life it treating you well again, then what the hell, welcome back.

Here in the UK, the local water utility has a legal requirement to connect all homes to the main, so there's no real worry about the quality - though it does depend on what the region is, as to whether it's hard, medium or soft water.

I keep thinking about putting in a RO filter, but it would only really be of use to remove the highish levels of chalk/calcium in the water. The chlorine/chloramine can be removed by just running the water into a tank/drum of some sort and leaving it to stand overnight. Apart from that, the water tastes fine.....

As I say, welcome back and of course, good luck with yer brewing efforts..

06-12-2011, 08:21 PM
Welcome back! Glad things have settled down enough to start getting back to the important things in life (ie fermenting sugar into alcohol).