View Full Version : JAO - is this mold in the DJ neck ?

03-24-2012, 05:51 AM

I have a 1 gallon DJ of JAO on the go, just over a week old, instructions followed to the Tee -but used bread yeast from the uk, couldn't source the US stuff.

I noticed this morning some white dots on the neck of the demijohn -kind of yellow/brown in the centre with a white fluffy 'halo' surround, probably about 2-3mm in diameter.

Is this mold do you think, or some yeast that made an escape bid ?
When I added the yeast, I used a sterilised funnel so as not to trap it on the neck, also the fruit is a good 3-4 inches below the narrowest part of the DJ neck, in case of foaming.

The must is still bubbling away, airlock is fitted, not noticed any mold on the fruit.

Don't think I can upload a pic to the forum, so tried to describe it the best. I can.



Chevette Girl
03-24-2012, 07:11 AM
If it's fuzzy, it may well be some kind of mold, or it may well be yeast that rode the foam to freedom, stranger things have happened, I always get brownish "yeast tracks" up the sides of whatever I'm using as a fermentation vessel for JAO.

If you can sanitize your fingers or something that will reach) and swab them out, it'll probably be fine. You should be able to tell by the smell if it's moldy or just yeast with delusions of grandeur...

03-24-2012, 10:25 AM
Since I have a week old JOA in the carboy now I'm guessing it's yeast since I have a ton of it in the neck.

03-24-2012, 01:05 PM
Yellow/brown does sound like it's probably yeast. It's very common for yeast to get stuck to the sides of the container. The sniff test is a good one, you can usually tell the difference between yeast and mold with one quick whiff.

03-24-2012, 03:09 PM

Probably yeast, as you do sometimes get some weirdness with it.

If you're worried Andy, make up some of CJJJJJJJJ's wonder sanitiser (5 crushed campden tablets and 1 teaspoon of citric acid in 1 pint of water and put it in a household spray bottle), then get a nice, clean piece of cloth, soak it in the sanitiser, wrap the cloth round your middle finger and then carefully just wipe it out as far into the neck as you can.

You should be able to smell if it's just got a yeasty sort of pong or something else.

When you leave a batch of JAO, you will often see the yeast going a bit manky on the fruit while it's still floating, but as with the fruit, it seems to disappear once the fruit drops down to the bottom (probably just gets covered in the bread yeast as it settles out).

03-30-2012, 08:43 AM

Thanks again :)

All wiped, smelt like oranges.

All a bit lonely now, better do another JAO to keep it company :) and another non JAO too, I seem to have some more honey :)



03-30-2012, 04:11 PM
Yeah, its funny how the pixies seem to magic up honey, once you get the bit between the teeth isn't it........