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07-06-2012, 07:45 AM
Hi everyone. I am thinking about doing a couple summer batches with summer fruits: peaches (with ginger) and blackberries. There are few issues, though.

The first one is temperature, my garage will stay above 25C for the whole summer, probably peaking near 30C at the hottest days. I have an alternative location where temperature is stable around 22C, but it is far from home so not so comfortable. I could probably gain 2C or 3C more by covering the vessel with a wet towel. Right now I have some spare D-47 and EC-1118 packets, the former is clearly useless, would the latter fit the temperature range?

The second issue is vessels: I don't have that many available. I was thinking making a single primary batch in a 23 l demijohn, then rack in two 12 l demijohns (which shall become available later) for secondary, one for peaches and one for blackberries. I would have to use all ingredients in secondary, is it feasible? Also, is ginger powder an option or should I get some whole roots?

Last is honey. I can get wildflowers and black locust*, other varietals would be too expensive or/and bad quality. Unless someone strongly recommends black locust I would go with wildflowers.

Any recommendation for recipes? There is a blackberry one in The Bee's Lees, did anyone try it?

* In Italy it is called "acacia honey", but the plant is actually pseudoacacia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robinia_pseudoacacia). Haven't seen it used in any recipe; it is a very light honey, I am afraid its aroma would be overwhelmed by the fruits.