View Full Version : Staggered nutrients when step feeding (a bochet, hybrid.. thing)

08-21-2012, 04:24 PM
2 kg (upwards of) light honey
>>> 1/2 caramelized for 30 - 45 minutes
>>> 1/2 unaltered
1/2 tsp DAP
1/4 tsp energizer
1/4 tsp D47

4L total volume

Expected SG: 1.14 (upwards of)
Expected FG: 14-16% abv, 1.012 after stabilizing and back-sweetening as necessary

Is step feeding even needed on an SG up to 1.14?
If so, how do things like aeration, and staggered nutrients play into step feeding?

Let's say I do two steps, first using 1 kg (1.080), letting it ferment out, then one or two smaller steps of 0.4 kg (1.030) so I don't overshoot the yeast's alcohol tolerance. I'm not sure if I should only add nutrients up to the 1/3 sugar break on the first 1.080, or if I should consider the whole potential amount (1.140) when calculating what a 1/3 break is. If I'm taking into account the whole thing, I'd be adding DAP a while after the yeast are well established.

The second part is aeration. How late into this process should I be concerned about air exposure and splashing around when mixing in nutrients, and my second or third additions of honey?

Feel free to critique my relative amounts of caramelized versus regular honey too.

Chevette Girl
08-21-2012, 10:11 PM
Any time I'm trying to push the alcohol level, I usually start around 1.120 or so (my usual maximum starting gravity is JAO-strenght, approximately 1.125), and do my typical lazy-arse staggered nutrients*, then when it gets below 1.010, I boost it back up to as sweet as I'd want it (1.020) as many times as it takes for the SG to stop changing.

*-Chevette Girl's lazy SNA: at pitch, add half of the total amount of energizer you plan to use, after lag add half the DAP, mix the remaining nutrients and energizer together into an empty energizer container and then add a shake after each aeration & SG check, trying to time the last addition at around the 1/3 sugar break, which I calculate from the amount I start with (because I start fairly high), getting a good start like seems to be about all it needs.