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10-18-2012, 09:30 PM
Last tuesday I came home from work to inspect my mead's progress, and I discovered a strange looking, almost grease/fat looking deposit floating on the top of my cherry berry. I made this batch on the 13th, so it's only 5 days into primary at the moment. I've been monitoring it for the last couple days now, and it doesn't appear to be growing in size....noticeably, anyways. My question is, has anyone had this happen to them before? And is it something to be concerned about? I think i can fish this baby out with a spoon or something. My personal suspicion is somehow a contaminate from a new 8 gal. fermenter. Although, I washed this thing thoroughly, so I doubt it, but its similar in look to a grease maybe from the nozzle. I've posted some pictures below, I apologize for the size..... Your thoughts/opinions would be appreciated! :)

Edit- I should mention the ingredients in the must is 1 gal. tart cherry juice, 4 gal water, 20lbs of clover honey, 2 tsp energizer, 2 tbsp nutrient at the moment. This produced 8 gal, which I've divided into 2 carboys.

https://s3-us-nca-202-prod.digitalhub.com/0135a98ec16069732953a4277fed6cad5d981a1613/IMG_0006.JPG.jpg?p=12&x=1&a=A82LrQJa9vl4HHUW&e=1350610313000&t=CAEQARoQ6XGlaeCI9YP8jM0SuJn2UA&r=ab51cc6d-f6cb-473a-b5f7-15849cc0f35b-5&c=CrQECpIECrcDCiFtc3NhdDAwMDAxMC5ibG9iLmNvcmUud2lu ZG93cy5uZXQQuwMaA0dFVCKbAS9jbnQvcnVRQmk3VUJPbmFQUH Y4QlEzMnU%2Fc3A9cncmc3I9YiZieXRlLXJhbmdlPTI1NzI2LT g3Mjc5MiZzZT0yMDEyLTEwLTE5VDAyOjA1WiZzdD0yMDEyLTEw LTE5VDAxOjEwWiZzaWc9NVA2MVRmWm5SaEFnblBtcTZBRDNiQ3 UlMkZFdTVUTTd1SDE1cnFWSEdHZXIwJTNEKgRIVFRQMgMxLjE6 BWh0dHBzQhsKBVJhbmdlEhJieXRlcz0yNTcyNi04NzI3OTJCPg oWeC1tcy1jbGllbnQtcmVxdWVzdC1pZBIkYWI1MWNjNmQtZjZj Yi00NzNhLWI1ZjctMTU4NDljYzBmMzViQhsKDngtbXMtYmxvYi 10eXBlEglCbG9ja0Jsb2JCGgoMeC1tcy12ZXJzaW9uEgoyMDEy LTAyLTEyQioKCXgtbXMtZGF0ZRIdVGh1LCAxMSBPY3QgMjAxMi AyMDo1MzoyMCBHTVRCDQoGQWNjZXB0EgMqLypKCW1zX3VzX3Nh dBIuChWB1jfZsAeRLnxKBwUmXWFVZOkG0q4SEQHawdsNoN0mYa 0l0HIj%2B0h8GNvZMxoUcnVRQmk3VUJPbmFQUHY4QlEzMnUiEE F6Q3YyT29LalVib2dIVVcSHQoVATWpjsFgaXMpU6Qnf%2B1srV 2YGhYTEgQIABAAIAI%3D
https://s3-us-nca-202-prod.digitalhub.com/01a016575e33f7f213e35edb92b11d495d545a1a07/IMG_0007.JPG.jpg?p=12&x=1&a=A6FCiYjTUHGbHHUW&e=1350610313000&t=CAEQARoQQ0M4BaxLT5Rpu326gyo0pw&r=ab51cc6d-f6cb-473a-b5f7-15849cc0f35b-6&c=CqwECooECq8DCiFtc3NhdDAwMDAxMC5ibG9iLmNvcmUud2lu ZG93cy5uZXQQuwMaA0dFVCKWAS9jbnQvSGFDNEdBQUJPbmFQd2 ZBQlEzNTQ%2Fc3A9cncmc3I9YiZieXRlLXJhbmdlPTU0LTc1Nj k4NSZzZT0yMDEyLTEwLTE5VDAyOjA1WiZzdD0yMDEyLTEwLTE5 VDAxOjEwWiZzaWc9QzZzVUgyRjF6elBPekpwV0hxNFdNbllGWm dRWFlWeUZ5cWtvRnB5cEhPVSUzRCoESFRUUDIDMS4xOgVodHRw c0IYCgVSYW5nZRIPYnl0ZXM9NTQtNzU2OTg1Qj4KFngtbXMtY2 xpZW50LXJlcXVlc3QtaWQSJGFiNTFjYzZkLWY2Y2ItNDczYS1i NWY3LTE1ODQ5Y2MwZjM1YkIbCg54LW1zLWJsb2ItdHlwZRIJQm xvY2tCbG9iQhoKDHgtbXMtdmVyc2lvbhIKMjAxMi0wMi0xMkIq Cgl4LW1zLWRhdGUSHVRodSwgMTEgT2N0IDIwMTIgMjA6NTM6Mj AgR01UQg0KBkFjY2VwdBIDKi8qSgltc191c19zYXQSLgoVgWSL xJ7roZrG%2FYwFPXym243mTqhDEhEBgUxLFxaUGnS6G7ZwIto3 9hjEmS4aFEhhQzRHQUFCT25hUHdmQUJRMzU0IhBBL3BaRHhKLz gvMFhnSFVXEh0KFQGgFldeM%2FfyE%2BNe25KxHUldVFoaBxIE CAAQACAC
https://s3-us-nca-202-prod.digitalhub.com/01fb8d1661db321d229c5930c5022cef5122748c65/IMG_0008.JPG.jpg?p=12&x=1&a=A6i%2FTjLjIx5MHHUW&e=1350610313000&t=CAEQARoQahO5Welags4hDLsa5R5NVQ&r=ab51cc6d-f6cb-473a-b5f7-15849cc0f35b-2&c=CrIECpAECrUDCiFtc3NhdDAwMDAxMC5ibG9iLmNvcmUud2lu ZG93cy5uZXQQuwMaA0dFVCKZAS9jbnQvNXdPZ3J6TUJPbmFRTz BVQlEzLWo%2Fc3A9cncmc3I9YiZieXRlLXJhbmdlPTIxMTUzLT gyMTIxNCZzZT0yMDEyLTEwLTE5VDAyOjA1WiZzdD0yMDEyLTEw LTE5VDAxOjEwWiZzaWc9bElucUdnUTU5eW83NlA2bEpjSENUa0 1XMEV4SE9US2tTb3p0dlExREkzYyUzRCoESFRUUDIDMS4xOgVo dHRwc0IbCgVSYW5nZRISYnl0ZXM9MjExNTMtODIxMjE0Qj4KFn gtbXMtY2xpZW50LXJlcXVlc3QtaWQSJGFiNTFjYzZkLWY2Y2It NDczYS1iNWY3LTE1ODQ5Y2MwZjM1YkIbCg54LW1zLWJsb2ItdH lwZRIJQmxvY2tCbG9iQhoKDHgtbXMtdmVyc2lvbhIKMjAxMi0w Mi0xMkIqCgl4LW1zLWRhdGUSHVRodSwgMTEgT2N0IDIwMTIgMj A6NTM6MjAgR01UQg0KBkFjY2VwdBIDKi8qSgltc191c19zYXQS LgoVgb0Lfycu6pPCXZKaAv%2BIT%2BG5vailEhEBW8KGPz8E0R 6b6puXtViLVhi%2B6jAaFDV3T2dyek1CT25hUU8wVUJRMy1qIh BBK2ZoaVBTNkN2aWlnSFVXEh0KFQH7jRZh2zIdIpxZMMUCLO9R InSMZRIECAAQACAC

Bee Serious
10-18-2012, 10:15 PM
It's probably wildfire...

10-19-2012, 01:52 AM
did you smell or taste it? Sometimes a light film will manifest itself, that is usually from the yeast that you used and is not overly harmful. Mainly proteins and the like... I didn't see any way to see the pictures, they're not there as of this post.

best guess is to either skim off the questionable film or rack the clear liquid off to another vessel. generally speaking tough, if you don't see any tendrils (read: stringy stuff that you can barely see coming from the bottom of the film..like a jellyfish) then you are probably OK.

Smell and Taste! that will be your first clue... if it smells like vinegar, then it already is; take it away from the rest of your wine and enjoy some vinaigrette in a few weeks ;) .

10-19-2012, 02:05 AM
Thanks for the advice Khan. I tested the gravity at the same time. Og 1.090, sg 1.062. It tastes nice, a little bubbly, and definetly a bit of alcohol showing through. It doesnt appear to be harming the batch anyhow. I was unsuccesful at fishing it out. Gonna have to pick something up from the store. I linked the photos from my iCloud account, apparently it doesn't work! I will fix that tomorrow. It's a mass that's about a pennies diameter. Semi transparent in color, mostly a tone of white. I'll just fix the pictures ;D

10-19-2012, 04:25 AM
Could be the energizer/nutrient. Happens sometimes to me.