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03-28-2013, 10:42 PM
So im curious.... I made a JAO. the only variation I made was cutting the oranges smaller for easier removal after all is said and done. My mead cleared and fruit dropped after 5-6 weeks versus the 2 months on instructions. As it is winter my storage area for it might have been colder than the reccomended 70. Ok it was colder i think it got there maybe twice. I had a good week and a half to two weeks fermentation. What might have caused this and why?

03-29-2013, 12:52 AM
lots of variables temp/fruit size(large orange)/quality-size of the rasins/ amount of yeast pitched/age of yeast /amount of spices/type of honey/water used/ph/temp when yeast pitched/hoe well it was airated

a combination of these could posibly of enabled your yeast to finish early.
i believe the 2 months time was the original guestimated averege for a jao
i think anywhere between 5-8 weeks is normal tho. i would check the gravity to double check it was done tho. from what ive read bread yeast is usaly done and finished in these when the fruit drop.

i would say it sounds like you have sucsessfully made a ~JAO~:cool:

Chevette Girl
03-31-2013, 10:55 PM
Yeasties are fickle beasties sometimes. Every JAO I've made has been a little different but they're all good. Most of the time, the fruit sinks when the CO2 has come out of it, which indicates that no more is being produced and trapped in the fruit. Sometimes the fruit sinks early (smaller pices may well have something to do with that as it's easier for the trapped CO2 to escape), sometimes it takes a lot longer, sometimes it doesn't sink at all. But as bigdan said, 8 weeks is the expected time. Some will be faster, some slower.

One of the major advantages I've found with using bread yeast is that when it's done, it's DONE, it doesn't usually fake you out like wine yeasts can and either ferment very slowly for a few months or start back up again for some unfathomable reason.