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05-11-2013, 05:45 AM
Hello to all that read this and gratidude to those that reply

I am a keen hobbyist beekeeper who has decided to branch out for the first time to make some mead

For better for worst I have racked or possibly wrecked my mead not sure what to do next other than wait

still trying to get round how the Hydrometer reads it is colour coded and showing red ( start beer) which is around 105 mark

should I add nutrients at this stage or let sit

thanks to all

05-11-2013, 06:06 AM
We are winemakers who make mead and now have our own hives. You help me with bee questions and I will try to help you with mead questions. They hydrometer isnt a big deal, it just measures the amount of sugar in your must, it tells you how much you have at the start to you can adjust it if its too much or to low and it tells you the potential alcohol it could make if everything fermented. It also tells you how things are going during the fermentation and when its done. Twirl it when you put it in and that knocks some of the gas bubbles off of it so they dont lift it up and give you a false reading.

You can add all your nurients up front at the start or you can add some now and some when its fermented about 30% of the sugars. If you worry about the hydrometer you can just add it all in now, the staggared nutrient additions are advanced mead making you can pick up easily after your first couple of batches or right now with this one. Its all pretty easy. Its like installing your first beehive, its kind of nerveracking, you dont want to screw it up, bees are flying all over the place but if you are not calm they wont be either. Same way with yeasts, if you are not calm you are going to get wacky fermentation events, if you maintain your calm and you can just float through the whole thing no problem.

A little more about your process and recipe will help people help you better.