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11-13-2013, 04:07 PM
Learned a lot just reading posts.

First was JAO following recipe as closely as possible using plastic water jug with balloon airlock:

This is nice simple way to go, but jug is pain to use. not enough space at top and sharp lip would slice through balloon.
bottled after little over month and then I read 2 months is recommended, doh.
Sampled this batch little bit each day after bottling. Was interesting to track the change in flavors.
Shorted the honey just a bit maybe 1/4 lb or less could tell because honey left in 1 lb bottle was tad over 1/2 way. I think this worked to my advantage as my last tasting (have 1 bottle left which I intend to open with friends in Dec) it had very soft hint of sweet. Sometimes accidents work out.

Batch 2 I decided to void the warranty and replace orange with 2 lemons:
Like Chevette Girl pith gives me heartburn
used the extra honey from 1 st batch so just over 3 1/2 lbs this made it overly sweet I think.
Experience with 1st batch seemed to indicate that after a good start it petered out. Gravity measurement and pH are not available, but from reading posted I guessed pH. Added crushed antacid tablet and agitated each day til it started up (nightmare dealing with balloons getting cut on rim).

Batch 3 in a 1 gallon pickle jar (Thanks again Chevette Girl) again lemon JAO
zest and fruit of one lemon.
Fruit is just starting to drop now so we'll see.

To finish up have a 3 gal batch in fermentation buck (1 orange one grapefruit and fruit/zest from one lemon started (much easier with some equipment) just need to get pH paper or a pH meter.

(Do not want to single out Chevette Girl, Medsen Fey, fatbloke among many others including the other newbees that asked questions I hadn't thought of....)
Looking forward doing one with a proper yeast......

11-14-2013, 06:57 PM
Congrats Mazer!

BTW, the learning process never ends.

Enjoy your mead.