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11-15-2013, 06:07 AM
A week ago, I moved my mead from the four-gallon fermenter to four one-gallon plastic bottles. This proved harder than expected and the siphon was not the easiest of tools to use, which may be how I ended up with my current predicament...

I have four bottles clearing at different rates. One is clearing nicely and I'm pretty sure that you can see the difference. Two are not quite so clear, but they're not awful.

The last one, however, is still as cloudy as ever. It also has some kind of silt in the bottom; could this be part of the issue? I am half-tempted (once I bottle the gallon which is getting clearer, so maybe next month) to see if I can run it through a coffee-filter and remove the sediment.

I'm assuming I accidentally got some of the lees into the last bottle when I was trying to get the siphon down to the bottom of the fermenter, but would that stop it from clarifying?

Vance G
11-15-2013, 08:25 AM
You are exactly right about what happened. Now that I have cold night temperatures, I set my mead that need clearing out in the cold and the lees drop fast. I have still tended to bottle too soon or carelessly and gotten sediment/lees in my bottles. Patience is an acquired thing. I now have some bottles of plum mead that have a truly disgusting gob at the bottom and I will need to pour them off and try again.

11-15-2013, 10:52 AM
Many of my early meads had that sediment issue as well, Vance. I just left them, and decant them as I use them.... Doing so might be a pain, but if I do it when guests are there, it tends to heighten the appreciation and add to the mystique of mead making.