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11-15-2013, 03:55 PM
This was my 1st attempt at a cyser, and now I have a couple of questions. Here is the recipe first

Honey 4lb 3.1oz
Dark brown sugar: 3lb 5.3oz
Yeast: 71B x 2
Nutrients: none
Spices: 1 and 2/3 T apple pie mix, 4 cinnamon stick
Apple cider (preservative free) to 5 gallons

Fermentation went great, and I feel that it has finished finally. It tastes slightly alcoholic but still delicious. I plan on back sweetening with apple juice concentrate. It has also yet to clear, and I don't have the room to cold crash it. I do have sparkaloid though. So, here are my questions

-Should cysers even clear?
-In what order should I do things? "Stabilize," back sweeten, clear with sparkaloid? Clear then stabilize then back sweeten? Stabilize then back sweeten and wait for it to clear on it's own?


11-15-2013, 08:27 PM
Cysers will clear beautifully on their own. First stabilize, then backsweeten, then clear. Adding more honey can cause a haze so best to backsweeten first then clear rather than clearing, backsweetening and then waiting for it to clear again.

11-15-2013, 08:28 PM
No chance you have a hydrometer right? If you had one you could tell us how much sugar was left in your batch, not having that information means you probably should let this settle out for a good while to make sure the fermentation is actually finished. Going by how you feel about it might be a little missleading because we always feel good about cysers and want to drink them now:) Is this under an airlock in a carboy? WVMJ

11-16-2013, 12:41 AM
I do have a hydrometer. Has been sitting at 1.000 for 3 weeks now. No bubbles in airlock....but sometimes I get bored and walk away. Excited for this one's finished product