View Full Version : Any Mead Makers in Pierce Co WA?

12-01-2013, 11:27 AM
Hello all.
I'm in my second season of making Mead from the extra honey from my hives, and am wondering if there are any other folks nearby with more experience than me that would be willing to barter something for a couple of bottles of Mead so that I can have an idea on what the end result should be like.

I made my first 2 gallons last year and although I enjoy the result, but I'm pretty sure it's much sweeter than what most people shoot for. This season I ended up with twice the honey I got last year, so I've got three 3 gallon batches going, One cyser from our annual cider press, one using store bought spring water, and one using water from my well (very hard water, seeing if that makes a difference), and am planning on making a fourth batch using sap from my maple trees instead of water (already have ~2 gallons collected and the SG is 1.012 straight from the tree).

Anyone close by willing to barter? (BTW, I also raise organic, grass-fed beef and my chest freezer is full of ground beef and stew meat...)

12-01-2013, 11:54 AM
Be careful about bartering your mead, as it is illegal. Not to say that it is wrong, just against the law. No taxes paid and all. Dang revenuers. >:(